Daily Notes: 14 November

Day 1 of the GM meetings in Orlando is in the books and there’s not much to report at this stage. Most GMs laid out their top priorities for the offseason and there’s no major surprises there. Everyone is waiting for the first big move of the offseason at this stage. Who will pull the trigger first?

Aaron Judge and Cody Bellinger won the respective leagues’ Rookie of the Year awards. Well deserved by both as they had stellar seasons.


Boston Red Sox 

  • Dave Dombrowski, speaking to reporters at the GM meetings, said that they’re looking at Hanley Ramirez playing first base for the Red Sox just like he did in 2016. This would mean that they’re probably not going after Eric Hosmer. He also said that the Red Sox aren’t looking at trading too much of their prospects. What does this mean for a potential Stanton trade? The take away for me from it was that the Red Sox are looking to fine tune their team which translates into a few additions here and there rather than a big splash on marquee players like Stanton or JD Martinez.

New York Yankees

  • Aaron Judge won the American League Rookie of the Year award. No surprise there.  He hit a league leading 52 HRs last season, including the biggest HR of the season that travelled all of 495 feet at Yankee Stadium. His slash line was .284/.422/.627. Will he hit 60 HRs next season or will we see a sophomore slump?

Toronto Blue Jays

  • Blue Jays GM, Ross Atkins, said that their top priority this offseason is to find an utility infielder. They struggled last season with injuries and need some more depth in the infield.


Chicago White Sox

  • The rebuilding White Sox have not decided what they will do with their two veteran bats, Abreu and Garcia, this offseason. It is a wait and see game for them to patiently wait for the right deal to come along, whether in the offseason or before the July trade deadline.  Both players have 2 years left on their contract.

Cleveland Indians

  • The Indians want to retain first baseman, Carlos Santana this offseason. They will do well to get him with Santana having a few potential suitors this offseason.


Houston Astros

  • Carlos Beltran retired after winning his first World Series title with the Astros this season.

Texas Rangers

  • The Rangers acknowledged that they’re looking for more than one starting pitcher this offseason.


New York Mets

  • The Mets have a plan to not use their starters for more than 5 innings most nights, so they will be looking at strengthening their bullpen this offseason.

NL Central

Milwaukee Brewers

  • The Brewers are yet another team looking for starting pitching this offseason. Their ace, Jimmy Nelson, will start 2018 on the disabled list. After a promising season, the Brewers will want to retain the momentum this offseason, so I can see them spending some money on pitching.

St Louis Cardinals 

  • The Carindals have a real log jam at the outfielder position, so look for them to move some outfielders in trades.
  • According to Jon Heyman, the Cardinals will be looking at adding a top tier starter this offseason. Does that mean Yu Darvish or Jake Arrieta?


LA Dodgers

  • First baseman, Cody Bellinger won the National League Rookie of the Year award. He hit 39 HRs with a slash line of .267/.352/.581 in his rookie season and of course got to play in a World Series.

San Francisco Giants

  • The Giants promises to be an interesting cast member in this offseason’s drama as they could potentially trade some of their stars, like Buster Posey or Madison Bumgarner according to their GM.
  • Their GM also acknowledged the need for the them to upgrade their outfield defense after last season’s disastrous performance.


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